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1. From the archeologist’s perspective, understanding the past is vitally important and requires ______ of earlier cultures.


2. The Texas Legislature selected Vassar Miller _____ in 1982, and again in 1988.


3. The distinguishing feature of a fluid, in contrast to a solid, is the ease _____ .


4. Oxygen and nutrients reach the body’s tissues ____ from the blood through the capillary wall.


5.  _____ important development of the Neolithic age was not in the manufacture of stone tools but in the production of food.


6. The classic American novel Moby Dick____ an account of the conflict between human beings and their fate.


7. In the metals industry, hydrogen is used to prevent metals from tarnishing while undergoing _____.


8. Although many contemporary craft objects are not _____, they generally have their roots in function.


9. _____ hearing aid was a tube called the ear trumpet, a flared tube held up to the ear.


10. Most leaves are coated with a waterproof _____, or cuticle.


11. Acclimatization is the process by which an organism adjusts to living in an environment to which it normally unsuited.


12. Glaciers, mass of ice that flow outward from ice caps, cover about one-tenth of earth’s land area.


13. Some species of bacteria and fungi thrive on such simply compounds as alcohol.


14. In 1923, Alice Paul began campaign to promote the adoption of an amendment to the United States Constitution mandating equal rights for women.


15. Perhaps more than any other United States city, San Francisco is a collection of neighborhood.


16. Almost every the hereditary material of an individual organism resides in the chromosomes.


17. Only with early seventeenth-century observers did the music of the original inhabitants of the United States and Canada entered recorded history.


18. Perhaps the most distinctive features of sharks and undoubtedly one of the most important reasons for their success is their well-developed sensory system.


19. The major economic activities of Cheyenne, Wyoming, include transportation, chemicals, tourism, but governmental activities.


20. The fiction writer, poetry, and critic Edgar Allan Poe is among the most familiar of American writers and one of the most enigmatic.