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BA�i luya��n ta?�p TOEFL 37 – Luyện thi TOEFL cấp tốc

BA�i luya��n ta?�p TOEFL 37

Ma�?i cA?c ba??n lA�m bA�i A?n luya��n ta��ng ha�?pA�A�a�?A�A?n la??i pha?�n ca??u trA?c nga�? phA?p vA� cA?c la��i nga�? phA?pA�th?�a�?ng A�?�a�?c kia�?m tra trong A�bA�i thi TOEFLA�nhA�

BA�i cA? ta??t ca?? 20 cA?u ha�?i tra??c nghia��m. Sau khi lA�m xong bA�i, cA?c ba??n hA?y a??nA�Show resultsA�A�A�a�? xem ka??t qua?? bA�i lA�mA�ca��a mA�nh vA� gia??i thA�ch ca��a ta��ng cA?u ha�?i. HA?y tha�� lA�m A�a�? ca��ng ca�� vA� ma�Y ra��ng kia??n tha��c nga�? phA?p vA� va��n ta��A�nhA�! precose cost

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1. Before 8000 B. C. Wheat did not grow as prolifically _____ it does today.


2. Both nickel and iron are whitish metals _____.


3.The bark of some species of oak trees yields a substance used in _____ leather.


4. Although phosphorus is an essential constituent of all living creatures, _____ is among the least abundant of the mineral nutrients.


5. _____ angles of any triangle always add up to 180 degrees.


6. The gibbon ranges over _____ other apes do.


7. Sarah Frances Whiting opened the _____ of physics in the United States in 1878.


8. _____, some of the Earth’s interior heat escapes to the surface.


9. Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman member of the United States Supreme Court, believed that the courts should interpret the laws _____ legislate.


10._____ of minerals, which are chemical elements or compounds of varying purity.


11. Maine’s abundant forests and rivers has made it a haven for many kinds of wildlife.


12. In feudal times, the rank of knighthood carried no social distinction, neither any man could be a knight.


13. Ethel Harvey’s career illustrates some of the challenges encountered by women scientists of her generation as they sought support for they work.


14. Before the plains were settled, prairie dog towns in many places stretch as far as the eye could see.


15. Direct mail advertising serves to acquaint customers with products, alert them to new opportunities, and paving the way for other sales activities.


16. Animal life on Prince Edward Island is confined large to ducks, pheasants, and rabbits.


17. Andrew Wyeth is famous for his realistic and thoughtful paintings of person and places in rural Pennsylvania and Maine.


18. It is common knowledge that a flash of lightning is seen before a clap of thunder heard.


19. Wild elephants are almost continuously waving their trunks, both up in the air and down aside the ground.


20. Oriental rugs are considered valuable and because their designs are intricate and the weaving process is time-consuming.