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BA�i luya��n ta?�p TOEFL 40 – Luyện thi TOEFL cấp tốc

BA�i luya��n ta?�p TOEFL 40

Ma�?i cA?c ba??n lA�m bA�i A?n luya��n ta��ng ha�?pA�A�a�?A�A?n la??i pha?�n ca??u trA?c nga�? phA?p vA� cA?c la��i nga�? phA?pA�th?�a�?ng A�?�a�?c kia�?m tra trong A�bA�i thi TOEFLA�nhA�

BA�i cA? ta??t ca?? 20 cA?u ha�?i tra??c nghia��m. Sau khi lA�m xong bA�i, cA?c ba??n hA?y a??nA�Show resultsA�A�A�a�? xem ka??t qua?? bA�i lA�mA�ca��a mA�nh vA� gia??i thA�ch ca��a ta��ng cA?u ha�?i. HA?y tha�� lA�m A�a�? ca��ng ca�� vA� ma�Y ra��ng kia??n tha��c nga�? phA?p vA� va��n ta��A�nhA�! buy dutasteride generic

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1. A fuel is a substance used _____ light, heat, or energy.


2. The state of Maine generally has cooler temperatures than _____.


3. Fruit is one of the most abundant, nutritious, and _____ foods a person can eat.


4. Prescriptions for corrective lenses that are provided by an optometrist are often brought to an optician who _____ the lenses.


5. Loganberries can be used in jams _____ their juice.


6. From her early teens _____.


7. Adhesive, such as glue, tape, and gum, vary with the purpose _____ intended.


8. Alaskan forests _____ five or six miles inland from the Pacific coast.


9. The colors of a rainbow _____ arranged in the same order.


10. _____, The Yearling, won a Pulitzer Prize.


11. Nutrients are substances, neither occurring naturally or in synthetic form, that are necessary for maintenance of the normal functioning of organisms.


12. Even in the age of experimentation and departures from convention, the sonata form remain among the most vital means of musical expression.


13. Researchers have found many ways of treating paper so that it will be strong, fireproof, and resistance to liquids and acids.


14. Because its body is supported by water, the blue whale can grow to a size considerable larger than any land mammal alive today.


15. Langston Hughes, a prolific writer of the 1920’s was concerned with the depicting the experience of urban Black people in the United States.


16. During eclipses of the Sun, the Ojibwa Indians of North America shot flaming arrows inside the sky to rekindle the light.


17. From 1892 to 1895, Alice Elvira Frecman was Dean of Women at the newly foundation University of Chicago.


18. Historical geology deals about data on the development of the Earth gathered from the study of rocks, which are analyzed to determine their age and composition.


19. Human being have thirty-thirty or thirty-four vertebrae, but a snake may have as many as three hundred.


20. Parrots have heavily bodies and exceedingly strong legs.