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BA�i luya��n ta?�p TOEFL 42 – Luyện thi TOEFL cấp tốc

BA�i luya��n ta?�p TOEFL 42

Ma�?i cA?c ba??n lA�m bA�i A?n luya��n ta��ng ha�?pA�A�a�?A�A?n la??i pha?�n ca??u trA?c nga�? phA?p vA� cA?c la��i nga�? phA?pA�th?�a�?ng A�?�a�?c kia�?m tra trong A�bA�i thi TOEFLA�nhA�

BA�i cA? ta??t ca?? 20 cA?u ha�?i tra??c nghia��m. Sau khi lA�m xong bA�i, cA?c ba??n hA?y a??nA�Show resultsA�A�A�a�? xem ka??t qua?? bA�i lA�mA�ca��a mA�nh vA� gia??i thA�ch ca��a ta��ng cA?u ha�?i. HA?y tha�� lA�m A�a�? ca��ng ca�� vA� ma�Y ra��ng kia??n tha��c nga�? phA?p vA� va��n ta��A�nhA�! best purim costume ideas

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1. The ionosphere, _____ extremely thin air, lies above the stratosphere and extends upward some 650 miles.


2. The pigmentation of a pearl is influenced by the type of oyster in which it develops and by the depth, temperature, and _____ in which the oyster lives.


3. Maui is not the most developed of the Hawaiian Islands; _____ it has modern hospitals, schools, and resort communities.


4. Food restores energy that is used, _____ that constantly need repair, and develops bones, muscles, and teeth.


5. The twelve constellations located along or near the ecliptic _____ the signs of the zodiac.


6. Used only for wall surfaces that are exposed to view or require a decorative effect, _____.


7. _____ were first used in electrical power production, it was necessary to add super-heaters, because turbines work best with high-pressure steam.


8. Sherwood Anderson’s novel windy McPlerson’s Son, _____, first appeared in 1916.


9. The redhead duck builds a deep nest of reeds _____ up to a dozen egg are laid.


10. The dominant philosophy of the Age of Enlightenment _____ in the universe in terms of forces that could be detected by the human senses.


11. Paper is strong under tension instead crumples easily under the stress of compression.


12. Tariffs are the taxes or customs duties levied against goods that are import from another country.


13. Each person in the United States consumes an average of 560 pounds of dairy productivity every year.


14. The vascular system consist of the heart, arteries, veins, capillaries, and lymphatics.


15. The Hopi community of Oraibi in northeastern Arizona is one of the oldest, not if the oldest, continuously occupied settlements north of Mexico.


16. When a corporation needs to raise large amounts of capital, common stock can be issued and sell in part to outside investors.


17. The development of stratus clouds is extremely common over the cold seawater away the northwestern United States coast.


18. Contemporary management practice have been influenced by investigations in the behavioral sciences.


19. The Yukon River, which flows into the Bering Sea, gives its name to a region of Alaska and a territory of the Canada.


20. Although the United States experienced rapidly growth in the first half of the nineteenth century, it was still predominately concerned with agriculture and forestry.