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BA�i luya��n ta?�p TOEFL 8 – Luyện thi TOEFL cấp tốc

BA�i luya��n ta?�p TOEFL 8

Ma�?i cA?c ba??n lA�m bA�i A?n luya��n ta��ng ha�?pA�A�a�?A�A?n la??i pha?�n ca??u trA?c nga�? phA?p vA� cA?c la��i nga�? phA?pA�th?�a�?ng A�?�a�?c kia�?m tra trong A�bA�i thi TOEFLA�nhA�

BA�i cA? ta??t ca?? 20 cA?u ha�?i tra??c nghia��m. Sau khi lA�m xong bA�i, cA?c ba??n hA?y a??nA�Show resultsA�A�A�a�? xem ka??t qua?? bA�i lA�mA�ca��a mA�nh vA� gia??i thA�ch ca��a ta��ng cA?u ha�?i. HA?y tha�� lA�m A�a�? ca��ng ca�� vA� ma�Y ra��ng kia??n tha��c nga�? phA?p vA� va��n ta��A�nhA�! order casodex package

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1. _____ a bicameral, or two-chamber parliament.


2. _____ time and labor, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only three fingers and a thumb.


3. The recent discovery of a novel by Harriet Wilson, published in 1859, _____ a landmark in Black American literature.


4. _____ telescopes of the 1600’s magnified objects thirty-three times their original size.


5. Thyme, _____ , yields a medicinal oil containing thymol.


6. Until the ninth century, written words were not actually separated, _____ in some literary writing, dots or points were used to indicate divisions.


7. Nutritionists _____ goat milk to be rich, nourishing, and readily digested.


8. _____ conventional black ink costs newspapers about thirty cents a pound, most rub-resistant inks add at least ten cents more per pound to the bill.


9. John Lone’s physical grace and _____ age, sex, and culture make him an extraordinary performer.


10. Before _____ of synthetic dyes, yarns were often colored by dyes obtained from natural vegetable and mineral matter.


11. All living things are made up of one or more cells, and each of these cells were

produced by an already existing cell.


12. It is believed that some dinosaurs were intelligent, ability to perform complex activities, and perhaps even capable of social behavior.


13. Unique among bivalves, scallops swim extremely well, propelled by jets of water expelled while snapped the shell shut.


14. In the period between 1918 and 1939, various political, economic, and geographic factors combined in determine the extent to which a country developed civil aviation.


15. The main attractive at Sequoia National Park is thirty-five groves of giant sequoias, the largest living things in the world.


16. Alike most fruit trees, the quince is normally propagated from shoots or cuttings.


17. A patent gives inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for a fix period of time.


18. In 1981 the fossil jaw of a previously unknown small mammal was found onto a Navaho reservation in Arizona.


19. The wild carrot, knew as Queen Anne’s lace, gave rise to the cultivated carrot in its domesticated form.


20. A statue, a monumental, a building, or a park may be dedicated to commemorate a distinguished individual.